In aftermath of Santa Fe, school struggles to hire patrol officers

While the City of Angleton announces their new police chief, Aaron Ausmus, former Internal Affairs Sergeant, the Angleton Independent School District struggles to fill its positions.
A source close to the school police department has told MBCN that former police chief Bryan Corb of Richwood has or will accept the job as a K9 handler with the district. Corb retired from Richwood earlier this summer after a short tenure with the city. It is believed that the school district is having trouble filling the four positions allocated to the department this summer after the Santa Fe school shootings.
Recently an officer from the city accepted a job with the ISD and reportedly only worked one day for the ISD and resigned, and was reinstated with the city.
Another longtime officer from Angleton PD and ISD left the department for greener pastures at Harris County Precinct 1 Constable’s Office, and yet another left for Freeport police department. A longtime investigator from the Sheriff’s Office was hired by the ISD and handled the departments K9 but left to work at Clute PD.
With the high amount of turnover, it leads us to question why? Why can’t the district police department retain employees? Is the job to mundane, is it the salary, or is that officers just cannot and refuse to work for the current chief? The ISD police page boasts having a “working chief” a sergeant and 5 other full-time officers. The term working chief leads us to believe this chief sees himself as an elitist, someone that is better than other administrators in law enforcement.
A quick visit to the ISD careers page reveals that they are currently attempting to hire 4 police officers and 1 investigator. MBCN has made several attempts to contact Cheif James R. “Chip” Gayle to ask about the current state of his department this week, but calls have been left unreturned.
Residents of the district should be asking questions of how is the district police department going to keep their children safe when they cannot keep officers on the force?


Click here to apply for professional opportunities with Angleton ISD.  

Will Brazoria County say “NO” to disabled veterans?

Author: Damian Wallace, MBCN Staff Writer

Free toll road access for Veterans
July 25th the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority announced they will be waiving fees for certain classes of veterans. Executive director Mike Hieligenstien announced that the board of directors passed the program and they are happy to be able to offer this to veterans that have served their country.

Texas HB3139 was passed in 2009 which allowed toll road authorities to offer “certain” classes of veterans toll discounts. This plan was designed to assist veterans with getting to and from VA medical facilities.

In 2012 TXTAG along with HCTRA came on board with the same program and offer the discounts that travel on Houston and Dallas area toll roads. To qualify for these discounts a veteran must be eligible to obtain specialty plates from the TX DMV and the veteran must be present in the vehicle.

What does this have to do with Brazoria County?

Brazoria County Toll Road Authority is forecasting a June 2019 completion of their toll road from county road 58 in Manvel that will connect with the new construction in Harris County.  Manvel resident John Jones says he is unclear why Brazoria County leaders wanna be behind the curve and be reactionary, “why just do something halfway, this tollway should have begun at Highway 6.”  Many other residents feel the same way citing the traffic on Highway 288.

So that leads us to question, will BCTRA stand with veterans and waive toll fees, or will the greed to pay off their newly acquired debt prevent the BCTRA and County Commissioners from passing the discounts along to veterans? But why stop at only recognizing disabled veterans, be a leader in the state and pass it on to all veterans.

Jones says he believes that if Brazoria County leads the way maybe other toll authorities will follow.

Now the proverbial football is in the hands of Brazoria County, we will be waiting for your answer!

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