ESD takes over Manvel EMS duties

Alvin Sun

Joshua Truksa Aug 28, 2018

Dozens of citizens and first responders showed up at Southview Baptist Church in Manvel on Aug. 21 for a town hall meeting with the commissioners of Brazoria County Emergency Service District No. 3.

The town hall was set up to answer concerns that citizens voiced during a previous ESD meeting soon after the absorption of Manvel EMS by the district.

ESD 3 Executive Director and Manvel EMS Director Dave Ferguson started by giving the public an overview of what an ESD is, how it functions, the history of the district and how Manvel EMS has changed with absorption by the district. 

An ESD is a political subdivision of the state of Texas that is largely independent of the county and is established as the authority for fire and EMS services within its boundaries, Ferguson explained. They are subject to limited county oversight by the fact that ESD commissioners are appointed by county commissioners. Brazoria County ESD No. 3 was created in 2004 by approval of the voters.

Prior to the establishment of the ESD, local agencies funded their operations through donations, fundraisers and county assistance.

ESD’s can also act as direct providers of emergency services, Ferguson said.

Brazoria County ESD No. 3 absorbed Manvel EMS on July 9 and became a direct provider, leading to many questions among citizens.

“Prior to July 9, the district contracted with Manvel EMS. July 9, Brazoria County ESD 3 absorbed Manvel EMS. That means they absorbed every one of its staff members,” Ferguson said, explaining that staff members perform everything that they did prior to the absorption in addition to new district functions.

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